So Much To Watch, So Little Time

I seem to always be the one to  jump on the bandwagon of a popular TV show way after everyone else. In fact, sometimes I am pretty much the only one who is on the wagon because by the time I jump on, the TV show isn’t even aired on TV anymore. It happened to me with One Tree Hill. And with my newest addiction, Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl

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I started Season 1 of Gossip Girl at the beginning of the last two weeks of winter break with my sister, Allie. We flew through the first two seasons and had started the third season just as I was beginning my second semester of school. But, now my sister has left me in the dust in our journey together to finish all seasons. I have watched one episode since I have been back at school. She has watched 2 seasons. It’s killing me to find out what happens next, but I haven’t found time to watch it as much as I would like.

On top of that, I am hearing about all these amazing TV shows that I have to see from my friends and the Golden Globes like Homeland and Downton Abbey.


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Downton Abbey

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But, I can’t even manage to get through Gossip Girl. I also can’t even watch the Bachelor when it is on TV because I have class. So, my list of shows to watch just keeps growing! But I make no progress because there just isn’t enough time in the day. I was beginning to feel the pressure.

So, I knew I needed to put an end to this and I came up with a brilliant idea to watch a show while I’m at the gym. This way, I’ll want to go to the gym more often and I won’t feel guilty about wasting time watching TV because I’ll be making my heart healthy. And who could ever argue that as a waste of time?!

Today was day one of my brilliant plan. And it failed. I got up early, went down to the gym, signed into Netflix on my phone and as soon as I clicked on Gossip Girl a notification popped up saying that I needed to update my phone to iOS5 to watch it. (Side note: I have been terrified to update my phone due to the horror stories I’ve heard of losing everything on your phone by updating) I was crushed. Not only did that mean I couldn’t watch Gossip Girl while I worked out, but it also means that I just lost the battle of refusing to update my phone. For Gossip Girl and my brilliant plan, I’m waving the white flag and taking a risk. I’m going to update my phone.

Hopefully, day two of my plan will be more successful than day one! Cross your fingers for me.


  1. Yes, you must update your phone and watch more Gossip Girl!! I just finished Season 5! There are no more seasons on Netflix! I don’t know what to do. You need to catch up… so many twists and turns with no one to talk to about! Maybe we can watch Downton on Sunday Funday! XOXO Gossip Girl

  2. Fingers crossed! xoxo

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