Ever since I was a one year old, my family and I have spent our summers on an island about 30 miles out to sea called Nantucket, Massachusetts.

The first few years we spent about two weeks there in the summer. But for the past seven years, we have been fortunate enough to spend the entire summer and Christmases to here in a house of our own.

No matter where my family and I have lived, we always come back to Nantucket for the summers and Christmases. It is the constant. It’s where our whole family gathers together. It’s where I had my first job. It’s where my sister got married.

As we come over on the ferry from the mainland, my mind becomes clear and all my worries go away. It’s so serene and comforting.

Despite living in Georgia for the past ten years of my life, Georgia doesn’t feel like home to me. There is something magical about Nantucket. That sense of magic I assume everyone feels when they think about their home.

To me, Nantucket is my home.

Nantucket Boat

Nantucket Town

Brant Point

Main Street


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