Oscars: Red Carpet 2013

Spring Break went by way too quickly (Time does fly when you’re having fun!) and I have some fun posts coming soon about my break…but first, let’s talk RED CARPET!

The Oscars are my favorite of the award shows. And the stars usually get really dressed up for this event more so than the others…so that makes me love it even more! I had a pretty tough time choosing who made my top 5 list! And if that wasn’t hard enough…I then couldn’t decide who ranked first, second, third, fourth or fifth! But, I have finalized my list and I am happy with how it turned out.

So, without further ado….drumroll please!!

Number One


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Naomi Watts! I really went back and forth on who I thought deserved first place…I kept thinking it needed to be someone in a big extravagant ball gown (who is now in the number 2 spot) but every time I looked at Naomi I was just stunned. The dress is so unique and so perfect on her. I mean the cutout of this gunmetal Armani Privé dress is just brilliant. Her hair and makeup is absolute perfection. The earrings are perfect. Can I say the word “perfect” any more times? There isn’t a single thing I would change about her look. And that is why she found her way to the top of my list!

Number Two


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Amy Adams! She looks so stunning in this grey Oscar de la Renta gown. The delicate jewels, the soft make up, and the elegant updo made this beautiful look seem so effortless. I really think she nailed it. The only reason she didn’t score my number one spot is because I have seen gowns similar to it before. That doesn’t discredit how amazing she looks…it just didn’t have the extra “wow” factor that Naomi’s dress did.


Number Three


Jennifer Lawrence! This dress is exactly what an Oscar winner should wear…so seeing as she won, I can’t think of a more perfect gown for her (even if it did make her trip on her way up to the stage)! I never would have thought to wear the long necklace down her back with this dress but surprisingly to me it works! It is just the right amount of dazzle, along with the earrings and the ring, without taking away from the gown. If I were ranking of my favorite personalities, she would win. She is so down-to-earth, so personable, and so darn funny! Yes, I have a girl crush on her.

Number Four


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Charlize Theron! Before I even talk about the dress…let’s talk about her hair! There are so many mornings I wish I could just chop off all my hair so I would never have to spend close to an hour blowdrying again. And let me tell you something…if I looked as beautiful as she does with that haircut, I would! But now, back to the dress…another Dior Haute Couture! This peplum dress with the cutout neckline and long train looks like it was made for her. The whole look is simply exquisite!

Number Five


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Jessica Chastain! I love that she matched her gown to her hair! (I really do love when things match…because “it all ties together”!) That red lip was a brilliant choice because it really brought her look to life. I’m afraid without that bright red lipstick, she may have looked washed out. And she was anything but washed out that night! She looked so glamorous with a touch of Old Hollywood…and I just loved it!

The Cutest Couple


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You guessed it! It’s still Ben and Jen. I don’t think I’m ever going to get over how cute they are.

But, for the first time, someone did come in a close second…Channing and Jenna! So, I figured they should get a little shout out too.


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And that concludes the Oscars! Best Oscars yet…in my opinion, at least!

Who did you think was the best dressed?


  1. Those were my top 5 too!!! Loved watching the Oscars with you xoxo

  2. JLaw was my favourite! I’m a sucker for ball gowns and her back necklace won me over…plus she’s adorable and had perhaps one of the most graceful falls in history. You may have to fight me for her. xo

  3. auntie joanie :

    Jennifer L. & Charlize—–but then I’M kinda a fuddy duddy!

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