Pink & Gray Inspiration

I’ve got Pink & Gray on the mind.  Well, I always do.  But ever since that Ralph Lauren fashion show, pink & gray has been popping up everywhere!!  Here is the image that started the obsession:
pink&gray1Years ago, Caroline was flipping through a Martha Stewart Wedding magazine (surprise surprise) and she came across a pink & gray wedding.  We both couldn’t believe how pretty the combo was!  It was so feminine – and not in a girlie girl way, in a more sophisticated way.  When Milly & Grace came to be, naturally the colors had to be pink & gray.

Some Pink & Gray Pin-spiration from my Pink & Gray board on Pinterest:
pink&gray5pink&gray6pink&gray13pink&gray2pink&gray3Pink&Gray11pink&gray12Pink&Gray7While we were in NYC, Patty and I stumbled upon some Pink & Gray “brownstone”!
pink&gray10And much to my delight, a few of the designers that we carry at Milly & Grace are also using pink & gray in their fall collections!  I was wondering if this trend was going to trickle down from the high fashion runway world to the contemporary world and it did!!

Rebecca Taylor Sweaters:pink&gray8Joie Faux Fur Vestspink&gray9These items will be available at Milly & Grace this August!

Photo Credits: Stationary, Rosette Dress, Paris, Vanity, Bike, High-low Dress, Pink Shoes, Living Room, Eiffel Tower


  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

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