Polka Dot Top – 3 Ways

Before I buy any clothes, I always try to think of several different ways I could wear the piece I’m thinking about spending my money on. Then, I consider what I already have in my closet and decide if there is enough of what I already have to make up these different outfits. If I can really only think of one way to wear a certain piece, or if I would have to keep buying in order to make the outfit in my imagination work, then I usually put the piece back on the clothing rack. (Unless of course it’s flipping fabulous and I literally couldn’t live without it.) If the piece passes the test, I know it will be money well spent!

This polka-dot Rebecca Taylor top is flipping fabulous, I can’t live without it, AND I could think of lots of ways to wear it with the clothes that were already in my closet. I mean…could it get any better??

You could dress it down for a trip to the coffee shop, running errands, or even more shopping by knotting it, throwing your hair up, and wearing it with jean shorts and flip flops!





You could make it a little flirtier by pairing it with a skirt and flats for a Sunday brunch or a lunch date!




Or you could dress it up with skinny jeans and wedges for a dinner out or a night out on the town!




I’m kind of obsessed with this top…if you couldn’t already tell (:

**Top available at Milly & Grace


  1. YOU’RE cute 3 ways!! :)

  2. auntie joanie :

    Ohhhhhhh my gosh!!!!!!! could you be any cuter? You gave me something to think about. Love the orange pop of color.

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