Boston POPS on Nantucket

Pops Saturday is the day that the Boston POPS come over to the island as well as one guest star (this year it was Matthew Morrison!) to perform a benefit concert for the Nantucket Cottage Hospital. And POPS Saturday is my favorite Saturday. On POPS Saturday, people ask you all day long if you’re “popping” (yes, we have turned the name of the orchestra into a verb). To which we reply “oh yes we are!” We even close the store early to make the event! Everyone is so excited and happy all day long to know that their night will be spent gathered together with their favorite company picnicking, signing, watching fireworks, and, most importantly, giving back to their community.










We always have the best time, and this year is no different. I can’t wait until next year!

**Warning: This event is not for the faint of heart. Preparation begins in the morning with cooking food. Then, around 3 o’clock you need to head down to the beach (and park about a mile away because streets around the concert are blocked off) to score a spot for a concert that starts 4 hours later. And then after the concert, you have to lug all of your belongings back to your car parked a mile away. But, it’s totally worth it!


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    Boston POPS on Nantucket

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