Puppy Update – What Ivy Wore!

Puppy update:  I can’t believe there was a life without her.  She’s such a lover and super rascally all at the same time.  She cracks me up – she is such a well behaved puppy but she also likes to test me and see what she can get away with.  Good thing is that she’ll do anything for a treat… at least I’ve got that going for me!!  Here is my most favorite picture of her taken by our very dear friend Tom Olcott of T. G. Oclott Photography.

  Now I would like to do a little segment called:  What Ivy wore!  Don’t act like you didn’t see it coming!!  We all knew it would happen one day or another.  Ivy is a Milly & Grace Girl for goodness sake!!  She’s my fashionable little pup and tends to go for a more Ralph Lauren look.  My saving grace is that Steve actually thinks it’s cute.

Here she is in her shawl collar sweater.  This is perfect for staying in on windy nights and cozying up by the fire.



Next up is her buffalo plaid fleece.  Perfect for brisk walks down at the Boat Basin.  Ivy and I walk the docks a couple time a week.  Being a water dog and all she insists on checking in with the Harbor Master and making sure everything’s in ship shape.




Finally we have her in her neon orange brush walking jacket. Deer hunting is big on Nantucket and so we can never be too safe!  Plus it keeps her looking very sporty. (Steve bought this for her all on his own.  Yep.) ivyhunterivyhunter2Thanks for tuning in to What Ivy Wore!  Until next time!


  1. What can I say miss Ivy except darn cute. I wish you would talk to your friend scooter because he won’t wear coat and in Washington it’s much needed.So if you would bark him a text, that would be great…

  2. So adorable! She looks like Super Ivy in the one of her sitting wearing the black and red fleece! :)

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