Red Carpet: Emmys 2013

Hey everyone, guess what?? It’s award season again! And that means RED CARPET! Unfortunately, because I’m abroad I am unable to watch the award shows. But, I was able to at least keep up with the Red Carpet via EOnline! And the red carpet is the best part about award shows anyways. So, I am still a happy camper. Thank goodness for EOnline.

However, most of the dresses on the Red Carpet did not make me a happy camper. So much so, that I am adding a few pictures of the worst dressed to my recap because I need to prove my point. I was completely let down by some of my favorite people!

Starting with Carrie Underwood.


I love this girl to death and she can do no wrong when it comes to her voice. But, this dress made me want to cry. It looked like a cheap-prom dress. And the necklace just about put me over the edge. It just did not work with the dress at all. She could do so much better…I just want to shake her and say what are you thinking?! And then I’d want to shake her again and say what were you thinking when you chose this see-through corset gown as your wedding dress! (Yes, I’m still bitter.)


Next up, Connie Britton.


I am obsessed with her. And Friday Night Lights. She is the cutest TV mom I have ever seen and I want to be like Mrs. Taylor when I grow up. But, this dress is unacceptable. I don’t think I have ever seen a velvet dress that was a winner. So, she should have seen this worst dressed award coming.


Cat Deeley


I can’t say I was too surprised that she let me down. But, I think it’s just because I want her to be so much cuter. She is absolutely stunning and I love her personality. I just want her to find a new stylist ASAP. (Hey, Cat! I’m up for the challenge…give me a call!)


And then there was Amanda Peet.


I would think that you could do no wrong with an all black dress…but she and this dress seemed to prove me wrong. I call this a trainwreck.

Okay, now that all of that is off of my chest. Let’s get to those winners!!! The girls who went for the simple cuts and solid colors did it for me. It was so refreshing and crisp and beautiful. I just wanted to jump for joy when I saw each of these three.

Number 1: Allison Williams


This was my absolute favorite. I mean, how stunning is this color?! The pleats and the shape make it such a timeless and classic gown. And her simple, yet elegant hair complimented her dress so well. I think she nailed it.


Number 2: Rose Byrne


I really surprised myself by how much I liked her dress. I’m not usually a huge fan of the crop top. But, I think hers is tasteful and adds just a little something extra to a dress that could have been a little on the boring side. The pink is also such a sweet hue that it almost makes me swoon.


Number 3: Taylor Schilling


The simple structure and crisp white color of her dress can do no wrong. It reminds me of Charlize’s dress that I loved so much. I’m also a sucker for gold, so I love the gold shoes and accessories. Oh and I do love a red lip (to match the carpet, of course)!

The other two girls who made my Top 5 chose something a little more exciting, but not too over the top.

Number 4: Elisabeth Moss


She chose the classic black and white color combination that I adore. The simple color-blocking was the perfect compliment to the sequins covering the dress. I love the black clutch against the white part of her dress and the octagonal shape gave her outfit a little bit of edge to match her edgy pixie cut. Her matching lips and nails was the right amount of pop of color. I think she mastered the classic look with a bit of a twist.


Number 5: Sofia Vergara.


This silhouette is pretty typical of her and I kind of always wish for something different on her. But, you know what? She knows what looks good on her and she sticks to that. So, I have to give her credit for it. I mean she does look amazing…there is no argument there. However, if I were to get nit-picky…I’m not crazy about the jewels. I would have liked to see something without color, such as clear diamonds, so that the dress would be the focal point. For example, if you look at her left hand with the dress, there is the right amount of bling to let the dress be the main attraction. But, if you look at her right hand, you aren’t sure whether or not to look at the green color or the red. And with the diamonds, I would have added a red lip. But, hey, that’s just my humble opinion. She still looks way better than most of the attendees, so kudos to you Sofia!

What did you think? Who were your favorites or least favorites?

(All photos from EOnline)


  1. I have to disagree with you on Allison Williams. I realize it looks a bit more expensive than Carrie’s… But I think it still looks like a boring plain prom dress. I was unimpressed by her look. I think Lena Dunham, Merrit Wever and Zosia Mamet were some of the worst. I loved Anna Gun. Oh and I loved Michelle Dockery from the back!

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