Same Page Monday

Hi! It’s so good to be back!!  We’ve missed you!  We had SUCH a wonderful time in Europe.  We are currently gathering all the photos and videos that we took and we will be sharing them with you soon!  We can’t wait to tell you all about it.  We did have a bit of a scare – Snap Happy Caroline thought that she lost all of her #otteuropeaninvasion photos.  But with the help of Allison she was able to recover them!! (Emily is never any help in these sorts of situations – she thinks magic fixes computer problems.)  So stay tuned!  

What was the best part of the trip you ask?  It’s that we got to be together.  So cheesy – we know! (Patty would probably insert a #sorryimnotsorry hashtag here – we think she is the best hashtagger ever! Follow her at @pattyott.) 

Since it’s been awhile we will take this opportunity to get on the “Same Page”.  Here is a little recap of what’s going on:

Emily and Ivy are reunited.  While away, Emily had to look at photos of Ivy 57 times a day to help with her separation anxiety.  Emily is even wearing her hair like Ivy now…wavy.  And we noticed that Ivy’s white marking has taken the shape of a heart!  Emily’s little sweetheart.  Em&Ivy

Allison is back in the perfectly sunny and warm LA!  The only thing we can say about that is… WHATEVER!  She is excited to get back to life in LA and to working out at Tracy… especially after eating all those croissants!allison

Caroline is back in Lausanne with only 2 weeks left of school and finals.  Oh wait… she doesn’t sit still for very long.  This past weekend she and Hannah went on their last trip to Nice, France.  carolinenice We are loving her purple nails right now.  After finals, she heads back to Nantucket to help Emily open up the store!

Today marks the first official day back at Milly & Grace!  Time to start unpacking all the new goodies.  Opening day is April 25th! M&Gfreshstart

We can’t wait for summer!  We can’t wait to all be back together again!  And we can’t wait to get back to blogging!

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