Sconset Bluff Walk in Nantucket

In the 19 years I have been coming to Nantucket, I never got around to going on the Sconset Bluff Walk until this summer. And that was a mistake. Because this walk is now my favorite. And I think everyone (year-rounders, summer residents, and tourists) should go on this little stroll through people’s backyards (I know it sounds invading…but it’s a public walkway so they are used to it!). Weaving in and out of little tree-covered passageways to discover the beach on your right and the beautiful grey-shingled houses on the left was just magical. I swear I fall more in love with Nantucket each and every summer. (Even when I don’t think it’s possible to love it any more than I already do). Here is a little video I put together so you can go on the walk and our trip to the Sconset Market for an after-walk treat too:

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