Snow Days on Nantucket

This winter has been the snowiest winter on Nantucket that I’ve ever experienced!  We don’t normally get very much snow out here because we catch a little bit of the gulf stream and so it’s always a little warmer out here than in Boston or on the Cape.   On Saturday night, we fell asleep to a blizzard and woke up on Sunday to the most beautiful bluebird day!  Steve, Ivy and I bundled up and headed out to explore the winter wonderland!

The CreekssnowdaywakeupNo surfing today… surfboardsnowday Eel PointSteve&Ivysnowday emily & Ivy snowday Snow pupexploringsnowday dancinggirlssnowday She’s getting so big!icedunessnowdayMadaket
FrostedhousesnowdaySpace on Old South Wharf SpacesnowdayIn other news:  

Sometimes when we go exploring I look ridiculous.waders

Poor little Ivy is in heat and has to wear a diaper.  She was supposed to get spayed before she went into heat but we missed it by 4 days.  (Pups can’t get spayed while they are in heat)  Apparently it lasts for 3 weeks. diaperheadOn a brighter note, she looks adorable in my scarf…
That’s the latest from this little island 30 miles out to sea!


  1. Love looking at Ivy and you, beautiful, Emily!!!!!!

  2. I truly enjoyed this post you and your puppy girl are adorable.

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