Style Report – Summer 2014

The Milly & Grace team just wrapped up our buying trip in NYC so I’ll fill you in on the highlights and the trends for Summer 2014!

colorssummer14Style report:  Put away those bright and bold colors from last year because this year is going to be more toned down.  The colors are a lot calmer – white, cream, chambray, every shade of denim, soft pink, light coral, lavender and muted Mediterranean blues.   If you are going to do a pop of color you better make it chartreuse!  Everyone of our lines incorporated these into their collection.

The look for 2014 is very fresh.  Lots white dresses, denim shirts in every shade, crocheted everything especially shorts and ponchos, more solids vs. patterns, patterns are way more subtle, and last but not least lots of navy & white stripes (I know that is music to my Nantucket fashionistas’ ears!!).trendssummer14Photo Credits: Rompers, Navy & White Stripe Dress, Denim Shirt, White Crochet Dress

I’m sad to say that the crop top did continue from spring to summer – I was hoping it wouldn’t make it.  I think some designers agreed with me because summer made way for a more wearable option – a little less boxy and top of the jeans length.  Ok… I guess I can get on board with that.  So we picked up a few pieces that will work on every girl.

We definitely are seeing a lot more adventurous styles- along with the crop top, there will lots of rompers, track suit pants and jumpsuits.  Being the fashion prude that I am, I just couldn’t commit to a jumpsuit for Milly & Grace.  However, jumpsuit lovers you are in luck – just skip on down Washington Street a little further to #11. The Lovely is locked and loaded and ready to cater to all your jumpsuit needs! (Here is one from Ingenue they picked up at this show!)


The one thing that surprised me most was that colored jeans are out!  What??!!  All they are giving us is white, light wash, dark wash and gray.  I love colored jeans so I’ll still be breaking mine out every now and again but I’ll just make sure to pair it with a calmer top.

nocoloredjeansPhoto Credit

That’s it for the style report!  Stay tuned – My next post will be about our top picks from the brands we carry at Milly & Grace!

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