Swiss Date Night with Hannah

So finals are almost over (ONE more left people!!) and that means we are going back to America! (Well, Hannah is going to Canada.)  Also, that means that Hannah and I will be apart from each other for a whole month. We hate that…I mean, we spend literally every second together since we live together in a teeny tiny room. So, to go from every second to nothing is crazy. We are so excited to see our families that we couldn’t even put it into words, but we will miss each other and Switzerland too. So, we went out on a little Swiss date night last night. We started off trying this adorable new café just down the street from our school called Sheep’s Coffee. And we had cinnamon cappuccinos and croissants filled with Swiss chocolate!


^^We were obsessed with the vintage pictures on the wall, and I was particularly obsessed with those lights!




Then, we moved on to some Christmas shopping for Hannah’s brothers (Boys, be excited…they’re really good this year!). And I can’t say where we shopped cause that would give the present away…but it was Swiss related in order to go along with our Swiss themed night!

And finally, we went to pick up dinner. We got the fluffiest softest baguette we could find, some cheese, prosciutto, some grapes, and, of course, chocolate for dessert! This was one of the first meals we had in Switzerland. (Remember when we went on that hike through the Swiss Alps way back before school even started?)




And then, we put on a movie that wasn’t Swiss related but it is one of our favorite things to do. We watched What Maisie Knew, which was really really good. Sad at parts, but that little girl was the cutest thing in the whole world! And then when it was over, Netflix recommended another Julianne Moore movie called The English Teacher…so we hit play and watched another movie!

And then we went to bed. And now it’s the morning and that means breakfast and then studying, studying, studying! Oh and also some packing…family, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hurry home!!! xoxo

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