The Atlanta Gift Show 2014!

Hello from Atlanta!  Patty and I just finished up a successful trip to the Gift Mart to stock up on goodies for next year!  It’s hard to believe that we are buying for Milly & Grace’s 5th season!  Where has the time gone?  It just seems like yesterday that we were gearing up to buy for our very first year.  We were nervous, confused and didn’t know where to begin.  Now we have it down a little more and I’m really excited about all the new things we found.  Ok, so here’s a few of our favorites….

Now don’t you all roll your eyes at once, but we picked up a dog toy and accessory line called Harry Barker. (Great name, right?!) Obviously Miss Ivy inspired me to branch out into the pet market.  I couldn’t resist.  And plus, the starfish dog toys are perfect for Nantucket!
harrybarkerI’m over the moon about the new pillows we picked up.  So many great colors and patterns to choose from!  I am personally loving all shades of blues/indigos that are on trend right now.
pillows2pillows1Year to year, we like to reinvent ourselves as much as we can without losing sight of what we are known for.  So while we will have some of our staple go to candles, we picked up some new (and colorful) styles too!candlescandles2My most favorite new home item for next season are these bad boys… Wooden martini glasses.  Hello!!  I think a Pink & Gray is going to taste especially good in one of these!woodmartiniThe company also makes great cutting boards and trays.  I think the cheeseboard and knife set is the perfect gift!woodcuttingboardI’ll end with 2 of my favorite pieces of wall art from Sugarboo.  Sugarboo is such a happy company and we love everything they stand for!  How perfect will this be hanging in Milly and Grace?!SugarbooAnd this is the best reminder:sugarboo2I have one more new item that I want to share with you all but it will have to wait until next time.  It deserves it’s own post.  Until then!!


  1. So so cute! Sugarboo gets me every time…one of these days I will stop being such a cry baby over these things.

  2. L.O.V.E. I would say you and Patty were successful!
    Love it all esp. the Harry Barker!! Lucie wants a starfish toy!!
    So great to see you when you were here! Always special for me!!
    xo Robyn

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