The Little Things – Mother’s Day Edition

It’s the little things about my Mommy like…


The way that she will put on lipstick even if she is in the car on her way home (hmm I wonder where I got my obsession with lipstick from!)

Her amazing smoothie recipe and that she has made me one every morning since I got home from school!

The fact that she knows every word to Taylor Swift’s entire album and has a theory for which of the many boys in T Swift’s life each song is about

How she waits up for me to come home at night to make sure I get home safely

And of course all of her hugs and kisses (I missed those the most while I was away at school)

…that make me smile a bit brighter!

The little things about you among many big things are the reasons I love you so much, Mom. I am so happy to be home to celebrate with you this weekend! Happy Mother’s Day!

And to the rest of you moms out there, I hope you have a happy Mother’s Day too!

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