The Mint Julep – Just in time for the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby starts today!  That means everyone is drinking Mint Juleps.  I’ve never made a Mint Julep before and I’m not usually a fan of bourbon so I had my work cut out for me.  I checked out a couple of recipes and played around with ingredients and came up with one that works for me.  What it came down to is that bourbon is pretty strong so I needed to sweeten it up a bit!

The tools:
-Cocktail shaker (Like this Mason Jar shaker that is available at Milly & Grace!)
-Classic Mint Julep CupMintJulep
The ingredients:
Handful of fresh mint
1oz of lemon juice
1 TB & 2 tsp of brown sugar
4oz of bourbonmintjulep1Add the mint, lemon and sugar to the mason jar shaker.  Muddle it up and be sure to give a little elbow grease! MintJulep2
Add the bourbon and 2 handfuls of ice. Shake it up! Grab your Mint Julep cup (ours is from Flowers on Chestnut in Nantucket) and fill it with crushed ice. *Don’t have crushed ice? Put some in a ziplock bag, grab a wooden spoon and blow off some steam.* Pour your Mint Julep!mintjulep3
Garnish with some fresh mint & a cute straw of course!mintjulep5
Happy Friday & Happy Kentucky Derby!mintjulep4
If you end up trying this cocktail, let me know what you think!

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