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I am constantly asked, “What is it like to live on Nantucket year-round?”  Well, I decided to answer this question in a series of blog posts called, “The Nantucket Girl.”  Every few weeks, I will feature a friend who calls this beautiful island home.  She will share with you some of her favorite things about Nantucket and also her favorite picks at Milly & Grace!  I hope this will give everyone a glimpse of what it’s like to be a girl living 30 miles out to sea.

So, I present to you..



Meet Nantucket Girl: Sarah Felch

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Tell us a little about yourself:  I am the mother of 3 spirited children, Virginia, Lillian & Hutton (all of which were born here on Nantucket) I’m a lover of travel, gourmet food, wine, art, movies, sports, good books, long walks on the beach and good friends. I think there is nothing better in this world than laughing until you stomach hurts and tears are streaming down your face and not being able to stop.

How long have you called Nantucket home?: My whole life I’ve thought of it as my home, but technically speaking, I’ve only lived out here for 10 years year-round. So, yes that makes me a “wash ashore.” I have spent every single summer of my life on this lovely little island though, and I’ve never missed a 4th of July.

What do you do in Nantucket?:  Well, I am a mom first and foremost but I also substitute teach at the Nantucket New School, which is a wonderful (preschool through 8th grade) private school on island.

Relationship Status: I am actually engaged to Carl Lindvall. I know we are doing things a bit backwards but hey it works for us.

Hobbies:  I’m definitely a food and wine enthusiast! (Does eating and drinking count as a hobby?) I love art even though I don’t have much time for it with the kids. I also love to read, garden and travel.

Guilty Pleasure:  Wine, romantic comedies, fine foods and Pinterest

Favorite and of course the Milly & Grace Girls (& Tuesdays With Tim)

Favorite Quote:  Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another  AND Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut. – both by Ernest Hemingway

Tell us about your life on Nantucket:  My family has enjoyed Nantucket going back many generations, so I feel like the island is in my blood. My parents even met out here, even though they grew up in the same hometown in New York. Both my parents and Carl’s live out here, so the kids get to see the grandparents regularly, which is nice for them to be so close. My kids keep me busy year-round, but I try to make sure I have time to let loose and have fun as an adult too. Girls night with my book club gals, a night out on the town with Carl or just having a group of friends over for dinner & drinks helps me to stay sane.

Favorite time of year:  Hands down the fall! September can’t be beat and not just because my birthday month! It is still warm enough to go to the beach but the air is nice and crisp. The crowds leave, but there is still plenty going on. And best of all you can get into any restaurant whenever you want.

What’s your perfect day on Nantucket?:  Breakfast at Black Eyed Susan’s (you have to have the blueberry pancakes & Santa Fe hashbrowns! Sweat & spicy…yum!) Then pick up sandwiches at Henry’s Jr or Something Natural & maybe a bottle of Rosé to bring to the beach. Enjoy the day playing in the water followed by a sunset BBQ on the beach. Stop by the Jucie Bar for ice cream on our way home, and since it is my perfect day there wouldn’t be a line. (I can dream right?) Go home put the kids to bed with a sitter and go out on the town for drinks and dancing with Carl.


Shops:  Of course Milly & Grace! I also love the Lovely, Current Vintage and Best of the Beach

Restaurants:  Galley, Cru, Chanticleer, Pearl, Black Eyed Susan’s, Oran Mor & American Seasons but they are all spectacular!

Beach:  40th Pole for North Shore. It’s great for the kids because it is nice and calm and it’s great for me because I can drive on so I don’t have to lug all the beach gear. Or what I call Invisible beach on the South Shore. My older kids can play in the waves (I’m including Carl) and my parents and other family friends go there, so I always have extra help with the kiddos.

Nantucket Event:  Wine Festival is awesome for obvious reasons! (Did I mention I love wine?) I also really love Daffodil Weekend too. It is so fun to get all dress up in silly daffodil colored outfit, check out the antique cars and tailgate in Sconset.

Tell us an interesting fact about living on Nantucket:  The Nantucket Cottage Hospital is a wonderful place to give birth. (I’ve done it 3 times) Their staff and maternity facilities are top-notch!

What’s the hardest part about living on Nantucket?:  January though March! Most things close, everything turns a sepia color, most people pretty much hibernate, and it is really hard to get on and off island because of bad weather. I also miss having easy access to cultural things like museums, sports events & shows. Everything on island is also extremely expensive!

Tell us something others may not know about this little island:  Many of the older houses are haunted. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Top Picks at Milly & Grace

Day Look:  Sarah loves this Rebecca Taylor Sweater Coat with Leather Belt Detail!  The perfect throw-on-and-Go option for a mom of 3!


Night Look:  She looks stunning in the Rebecca Taylor Black Embroidered Dress for a night out with friends!  What girl doesn’t need a new “Little Black Dress?”


She paired it with these eye-catching DanniJo Earrings from our online store!

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And lastly, she adores these Lace bowls and plates from Sugarboo that we feature right when you walk in the door!


Thanks Sarah for being a Milly & Grace Nantucket Girl! :)


  1. Thank you for the beautiful read Sarah. I really enjoyed reading about you,your family and your experiences on an Island I have been to twice. Both times to visit family and my times were amazing.”one time was for Emily’s wedding” you have broadened the spectrum for me and can’t wait to visit again. You certainly look beautiful in all of your clothes from Milly and Grace. Now I have met you on paper looking forward to meeting you in person.

  2. Sweet Sarah!!

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