The Nantucket Glass Hunter – Me

I have an obsession.  Glass.  I am always on the hunt for sea glass and vintage bottles.

My “addiction” started when we moved to our current house about 2 1/2 years ago.  When we moved in, there happened to be a lot of digging going on around us – construction next door,  yard work, water main repairs etc.  Over the course of all this work we came across quite a few old bottles!  We later learned that the land used to be wetland and that “stuff” had been brought over to build it up.  I began collecting them in a bin in the garage… I didn’t know what I was going to do with them but I knew I couldn’t throw them out!  So this past winter, after I accumulated quite a few, I decided to start cleaning them.



The soak.




Once our little neighborhood was put back together and there were no more bottles to be dug up, I felt the itch to hunt for more glass!  So off to the beaches I go… and I found a lot.  I can’t even believe I came across purple glass.

stormchasing stormchasing2

Now that I have a little pup that needs her morning walks my collection has multiplied.


We’ve even found some pottery!


This is where I keep my collection of bottles, along with my collection of cookbooks and Martha Stewart Living magazines (there are 5 years worth right there).  Yes, I have hoarding tendencies.  But I’d like to think I am an organized hoarder.


Wish me luck as I go into my glass hunting season!


  1. I can totally relate! Growing up on the water I have been a life long sea glass hunter, heart-shaped rock hunter and smooth rock hunter (the kind you might find on Block Island). My dad’s house was a former inn and his back yard was a dumping ground for dishes, crocks and other various pieces of kitchenware. Loved digging for treasure back there! Beautiful organized hoarding!!

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