Travel Day

photo 2-1edited

^^Photo taken of the island on the 10 seater plane from Nantucket to Boston!

I had the most wonderful few days in Nantucket and it was the perfect kick off to my summer. I am on my way back to Georgia today! And that means plenty of time to read on the planes! One of my favorite things about summer (since graduating high school) is being able to read any book I would like without it being assigned by a teacher. Somehow once it’s assigned as work…all of the fun is sucked right out of it! I am 400/500 pages in to the book, Scar Tissue, I started over winter break and I can’t wait to finish those last 100 pages! Which is exactly how I’m going to be spending my day. That and getting excited for spending a little time in Georgia before heading back up to Nantucket for the rest of the summer! See you in a month Nantucket!

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