Uh Oh

This dress has a story to tell…




Before heading to NYC last week, I was in the store trying to figure out what I was going to bring.  I tried on a new dress and fell in love with it!  There was just one problem.  And I know I’m not the only girl whose had this problem.  What kind of bra do I wear with this dress!?  A normal bra didn’t really seem to work because of the neckline and the low cut underarms.  So, I tried it on without a bra (It is a “Free People” dress haha) and everyone agreed that you couldn’t tell that I wasn’t wearing one so I decided to nix the bra.  Well…right before leaving for the airport I chickened out and decided I needed something just in case.  So, I swiped my mom’s sticky bra from her dresser drawer, stuck it on, and ran out the door.  Now, fast forward through the plane ride and checking into our hotel to us wandering and exploring NYC. Let me tell you something…it was hotter than hot in the city.  And the thing about sticky bras is that there are no straps or clips; it just sticks to you.  They work wonderfully…except when you sweat.  Despite the heat, it was sticking to me pretty well.  But, then, at the end of the day I was getting my mani/pedi and I was feeling totally relaxed, enjoying my hands and feet being massaged when all of a sudden my tranquil state was interrupted when I felt something fall into my lap – the sticky bra. My face looked a little something like this:

ivorydress4I, then, started brainstorming ways to get away with this without anyone knowing or without my bra flopping onto the ground when I stood up.  My sisters, who I informed of my situation via text because I wasn’t about to say it out loud for every one to hear, were cracking up and just shrugged their shoulders like what can you do?

Luckily, when it did come time to move to the drying station I was able to catch my bra with my wrist as I stood up, pinning the bra against my leg as I walked in the most awkward way over to dry my wet fingers and toes.  Crisis avoided!  Phew!

Note to self: Don’t wear sticky bras in the Summer.


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