A Little Video of A Day in Lausanne

On the weekend after my trip to Milan, I decided to stay home in Lausanne. Traveling can be pretty exhausting (on top of school) and our plans to go to Octoberfest fell through…which I’m not entirely sad about because the closer we got to the weekend, the more we realized just how excited we were to just do nothing, have no plans, and just go with the flow. We slept in on Friday morning (we don’t have school on Fridays, yay!) and woke up to the most beautiful day outside. Hannah and I had no plan of what we were going to do, but we just knew we wanted to “go outside.” So, we got dressed and headed on outside. And here is a little video documenting our day of wandering, shopping, and snacking:

*The song is called “Go Outside” by the Cults, cause it seemed rather fitting since Hannah and I just wanted to go outside…and it makes me really happy when I listen to it!

Oh and just another (completely random, nothing to do with my day in Lausanne with Hannah) thing…our wifi in this house/campus/school SUCKS. And that isn’t me being dramatic or completely impatient (although I am known to be both of those things every now and then…but this isn’t one of those cases). I’m serious. You see, train tracks go right by our house/campus/school and every time the train goes by our wifi either gets so slow it pretty much forgets what it was trying to load or the train knocks the wifi completely out. So, I just spent 3 hours getting this post to upload. Not including writing it, or making the video, or anything like that. Just the uploading part. 3 hours!!! Ugh. Luckily, I just have to survive until the end of this semester because next semester we get a brand new system! THANK GOODNESS! Okay, that’s enough of me rambling. Have a wonderful Wednesday xoxo


  1. Loved it! Cute boots, Hannah! And cute coat, Caroline! (I can’t believe that took 3 hours to upload….patience is a virtue…haha!) xoxo

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