The Milly & Grace Girls on Sirius XM’s Wake Up With Taylor (And NYC Video)



On Tuesday morning, we woke up bright and early and headed over to the Sirius XM building near Rockefeller Center. During the entire taxi ride, we couldn’t believe we were actually going to be on the radio. Then, once we signed ourselves in and we were waiting in the waiting area…we started to get a tad bit nervous.  However, our nervousness never reached a freak out level because we know Taylor is absolutely hilarious and so much fun that she would guide us along the way. And she did! And we didn’t do so badly…no one accidentally swore or froze up. There weren’t even any awkward silences. Phew!


We talked about how much we love this blog and how we got started with it and a little bit about each of our lives. We talked about how Caroline matches her underwear to her clothes and how Emily fell in love with Steve when she was ten (she said it was his turtlenecks that got her!). We talked about Nantucket and the shop. And lots of other fun stuff!


We cannot thank Taylor enough for inviting us on the show…it was such a fun experience! Taylor, we think you are one of kind – so genuine, so cool, welcoming and so hilarious!

And finally….here is the video of the trip that we promised you!


  1. auntie joanie :

    Now that’s how it’ s done!!!! So excited for you ,” The Brave & Beautiful Milly & Grace Girls”

  2. You talked about how you got the blog started!! I definitely need a recording…I have never heard my name on the radio before!

  3. That was such a cool video!!!

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