What We Would Wear To The Oscars

You guys probably are well aware of this by now…but we are obsessed with award shows and particularly The Oscars. And in case you aren’t well aware of this yet…the Oscars are THIS Sunday! We are already so excited. We are trying to watch all of the nominated movies in time and Caroline is trying to find a way to live stream the Oscars in Switzerland so she doesn’t miss out. (If anyone knows of a way, please let her know ASAP!) But, not only are we excited for the award show, we are also super excited for yet another red carpet and to see what everyone will be wearing. And we always dream of what we would wear if we were so lucky enough to attend the Oscars. So, we decided to put together our very own Oscar looks.









Emily – Dress/Earrings/Bracelet/Nail Polish (Go Ginza)/Clutch (no longer available on Ebay)/Hairstyle/Makeup

Allison – Dress/Earrings/Lipstick/Nail Polish/Hairstyle/Makeup

Caroline – Dress/Earrings/Ring/Shoes/Hairstyle/Makeup


  1. Great picks! What would Patty wear??~~~~

  2. Thanks Val!! WE LOVE YOU!! I agree! We need to get Patty on here more. We have some “Patty Knows Best” posts in the works! Can’t wait!

  3. I love ALL the picks! And I agree, need a “Patty Knows Best”

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