Wedding Wednesday

What do you do for a wedding cake if you don’t like cake? That could be a problem. And since I, myself, don’t really love cake and particularly hate frosting…I decided to look for alternatives. And I was surprised at how many there were. So, I decided to put together a few different cake options to choose from if you just so happen to be a non-cake lover like me.






1. Crepe Cake  2. Donut Cake  3. Macaroon Cake  4. Rice Krispie Cake  5. Oreo Cake  6. Pie Cake  7. Cookie Cake  8. Cheese Cake  9. Cheesecake Cake


  1. I love cake and I love this Wedding Wednesday!!! So cute, Caroline! I think # 9 would be right up your alley! XO

  2. Wow! So they are all so creative and yummy looking! I would love them all….except maybe the Cheese Cake! Cute post!

  3. Megan Costello :

    So I’ve been following your blog for a while because it is so cute!! This post caught my eye and I just had to comment – I’m getting married on September 21 and hate cake! I found a bakery in Buckhead that will make me a tiered cookie cake wedding cake – three tiers each comprised of three cookie cakes. I’m so excited for it and hope it turns out well :)

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