Wedding Wednesday

I saw this wedding earlier this week on my favorite wedding blog Style Me Pretty and became totally and completely inspired. I am obsessed with polka dots. And black and white is my favorite color combination of all time. There is black and white in my room back in Georgia, the background of my phone and my computer is black and white polka dots, I have black and white polka dot pants…you get the point. This wedding had both elements in its theme and I pretty much flipped out when I saw the groom with a black and white polka dot tie and the flower girl wearing a black and white polka dot dress. I’m usually not a fan of black in weddings (aside from the suits) because sometimes it can read too dark. Even the solid black dresses of that wedding were a little too much for me. But, I think by staying mostly white with the major details and adding black in the smaller details it comes out to be light, happy, elegant, and classy! I think because of my love for polka dots and black and white I would have the most fun planning a wedding with this theme. SO, if you want to have a black and white polka dot wedding theme….pick me to help you plan it, pretty please! I’m basically on my hands and knees begging right now. That’s how much I love this theme. Any takers??? Not yet? Okay, well in the mean time I will just play around with the idea virtually…



  1. Adorable!! What a fun wedding theme!!

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