When Toddlers Try New Foods…

Last night, I babysat our family friends’ toddler! (Actually it’s a really cute story…my third grade teacher married my fifth grade teacher! They never worked at the same school together, but my friend and fellow classmate’s mom had the brilliant idea of setting our two teachers up. And now they live happily ever after with their cute daughter, Rachel!) Anyway, Rachel is so easy going and so much fun…and a very smart cookie for her age too!

The other thing about Rachel is that she is one of the best eaters! She is almost two years old and for dinner I served her rice and chicken and salad with carrots, avocado, cucumber and tomatoes!


Doesn’t that sound like something us old people (in comparison to her age) would eat for dinner?! She ate every last bite…except for the rice! She took one bite and decided she didn’t like it…so she just opened her mouth and let it fall into her bib pocket! It totally made me laugh and think of this cute video I had seen a few days ago of kids trying new foods!

The little girl with the pigtails was my favorite!

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