Berry Tarts for Dessert!

After we went Strawberry Picking at Bartlett Farm, we made mini berry crostata tarts with the farm fresh strawberries that we picked.  It was also a great opportunity to try out some of the new Bella Cucina gourmet food items that we are selling at Milly & Grace.  They were so easy to make and tasted delicious!  It’s the perfect dessert to whip up for summer dinner party.  Here’s what you need:

Pick up the Crostata Sweet Butter Tarts & the Preserved Lemon Cream.

Bella Cucina

Add some berries.

add berries

Whip up some homemade whipped cream and stir in the Lemon Preserve!

Whipped Cream

Assemble all of the ingredients together and add a small mint leaf as a garnish.

Berry Tartlets


(Dishtowel available from Milly & Grace)

Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich

So, the other day on one of my blog-surfing sprees I stumbled across Joy the Bakers post about how delicious a Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich was. Say what?! My first thought was she is out of her mind. My second thought was I love peanut butter. My third thought was I love pickles. And then I decided I should at least give it a shot before I call anyone crazy.







No, seriously. It was way better than I had ever expected. I finished every last bite (as you can see in the picture above). And I will definitely be making this again in the near future. I’m telling you…it’s at the very least worth a try before you knock it! Trust me on this one.

Oh, and Joy, if you just so happened to be reading this post…I apologize for thinking you were crazy and I take it back.

What’s hiding at the Nantucket Ice Rink?

One of Nantucket’s best kept secrets is hiding at the Nantucket Ice Rink!  The Milly & Grace Girls are going to let you in on that little secret…


SIAM TO GO! The ice rink’s concession stand whips up the best Thai food in town.  No joke.  We are being serious.  Curries, fried rice, pad thai, spring rolls and salads… Oh my!


When you don’t feel like going into town, or when you want to avoid the crowds, or if you don’t have reservations at your favorite fancy restaurant, or if you just want to stay in after a long day of work or day at the beach… call up Siam (508.228.SIAM), place your order and pick it up in 15 minutes!


After work, Caroline and I were on our own for dinner so we called up SIAM!  It was just the two of us so we got the garden salad and Pad Thai to share.


We went home, turned on our newest Netflix obsession, Friday Night Lights, and enjoyed a lovely dinner at home.


So easy and yummy.

Now this secret stays between us!  Ok?

Don’t go telling everyone you know!