Bang Problems


Before moving to Switzerland, I got one last bang trim. And I have let them go as long as I possibly could. But, they’ve reached a length that is just a bit ridiculous to continue wearing them to the front (as you may have noticed in pictures). What you may not know about my bangs is I would have to get them trimmed about every 2-3 weeks. That worked out fine in America. But, I’m terrified of having them cut in a foreign country where I would not be able to explain exactly what I wanted since I barely know the language. Plus, it costs more money here to have them trimmed than in America. SO…I decided to say goodbye for them for just a year. I’m sad to see them go. But, I’m even happier that I can finally SEE again (as you can tell by the confetti)! Yay!

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Wedding Wednesday

A couple of people have sent me this adorable proposal video (because they know just how obsessed with weddings I am) so I figured I would share it with you guys too! In case you haven’t seen it…here is one of the cutest proposals I’ve seen. There is no way any girl would have been expecting a proposal in a moment like this.