Top Picks from the Summer 2015 Show!

Hi everyone!  It’s good to be back blogging.  I’ve missed you!  I am currently writing to you all from snowy Boston.   Steve, Ivy & I escaped Nantucket before the crazy storm hit!  We were worried about getting stuck on the island.  Steve & I are leaving for our very belated honeymoon to Australia tomorrow and we didn’t want to risk missing our flight!  The storm on Nantucket was bad – lots of houses & businesses are still without power and there has been a lot of damage.  In Boston, there was a ton of snow but it was otherwise uneventful.  We took advantage of the snow day! Click here for a mini video!snow

A couple of weeks ago, Caroline, Patty & I went to NYC to order clothing for the Summer 2015 season!!  The collections look great and I’m excited about this upcoming season.  We saw a lot of white lace/crochet long dresses, lots of cut out details, lots of navy, and crop tops (which I am loving… it’s not looking too hoochie I promise).  The colors are softer, cooler and very pretty!

The most exciting news of this show was that we picked up a new clothing line – Rebecca Minkoff.  Her collection is perfect for the Milly & Grace Girl.  Pretty dress silhouettes in pretty colors! Here is my favorite dress:

summer1Don’t worry Rebecca Taylor, just because there is a new Rebecca in town we haven’t forgotten about you!  You always put together the most beautiful collection. summer2There is always a little leopard print in every collection!
summer3I love how this dress looks like a top and a skirt!  This cut out detail makes it.


In search of the perfect white summer dress? Here it is! summer5

This pretty print mixed with this flirty silhouette makes this my top pick from Joie! summer6

You can always count on Splendid for making the perfect summer staples!summer7

This indigo maxi by Bella Dhal is so soft that you will want to wear this everyday!!summer8Here are my 2 favorite picks from Free People! summer9 summer10 Parker knocked it out of the “park” with their summer delivery!summer11 Parker started a party dress line called Parker Black Label and we love it!  We think that Parker makes the best beaded & sequin dresses for the best price.  Here are some of the dresses we ordered! summer12It’s time to start thinking about what you are wearing to your summer events!! summer13Here are a few new jewelry pieces we picked up!
summer14Season 6 is coming together!!!  I can’t wait!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to each and every one of you! We are so happy that we were able to ring in the New Year together and we are so excited for what 2014 might have in store for us.  The New Year always feels like a fresh start. It’s when you think about the resolutions and goals you have for the year to come. But, while we think that is important, we also think it is important to reflect upon everything that happened in the previous year. It reminds us to be thankful for both the good times and the hard times. One of our favorite things about this blog is that it documents our lives and it makes it easy for us to reflect upon the previous year. So, we took some time to read through our blog posts from 2013 and reminded ourselves of the year we had.

To start, we launched Milly & Grace Girls!  Yay! One of our best decisions of 2013. We love this blog dearly! And we are so grateful for everyone who follows along and encourages us to keep blogging. It wouldn’t be the same without you guys. So, thank you!



Launched the Milly and Grace online store 


Explored Martha’s Vineyard 


Went to the MET for the first time 


Went to the annual summer party at The Westmoor Club and taught everyone her famous dance moves 


Got a puppy and fell in love with her


Created her signature drink – The Pink & Gray




Became a member of SAG


Said goodbye to Sprinkles Cupcakes to begin a new chapter in her life


Dyed her eyebrows


Talked about what it’s like to be a middle child 


Reviewed several movies


Began the series called Same Page Monday and had all of us cracking up



Enrolled in a life-changing class taught by Tom Shadyac and, thanks to Tom, had a major realization


Moved to Switzerland to study abroad


Traveled to many places around Europe including Milan, London, Paris, and Amsterdam.


Went canyoning and hiked the Swiss Alps



Grew out her bangs and then chopped off her hair




And that’s about it for 2013. Bring it on 2014!

We hope that your new year is filled with so much happiness and joy that you won’t even know how to handle that much happiness and joy!  Happy 2014!

Thank you for thanking me

Happy Tuesday!

Thanksgiving is next week so I thought it was the perfect time to blog about the proper protocol for thanking people.

I guess I should say it’s MY proper protocol because most of you will find this ridiculous. :)

Imagine someone is browsing the Milly & Grace Online Boutique and decides to purchase a gift for you.


You get one of our lovely items in the mail and you are ecstatic!  You immediately rush to the Milly & Grace online boutique to purchase these cards to write a thank you note! (Please forgive the intentional Milly & Grace product placement.)


You send out the thank you note and you wait… and you wait…  You don’t hear anything back… Did they receive the note?  Do they know how thankful you were for the gifts?  How will you ever know?  You go crazy thinking about this…

Well, Hallmark has got nothing on me because I came up with “Thank you for Thanking Me” Cards!


Let me give you the back story of how this concept came about…

While James and I were planning our wedding, I wrote out so many thank you cards to our loved ones.  I would constantly ask my friends and family, “Hey, did you get my thank you card?”  They would say “Yup! Ummm thanks?”

I told my friends that I feel people should acknowledge when someone sends them a thank you note.  One of my friends asked, ” So, wait, you expect a “Thank you” for thanking me!

I said, “Not necessarily a thank you for thanking me, but at least a “Hey! I got your thank you card!”

She said, “But where does it stop?  Then do you have to send a “Thank you” for “Thanking me” for “Thanking you” card!

After this conversation, my friend gifted me with custom “Thank you for thanking me” cards!

Then I sent her a thank you card for this thoughtful gift.  Then she sent me a “Thank you for thanking me” card! I believe we kept this going for about 6 times, meaning I wrote a “Thank you for thanking me for thanking you for thanking me for thanking you for thanking me for thanking you for thanking me, etc” card before we finally stopped the back and forth!

It was very humorous to us, but also I was very happy the “Thank-yous” were being acknowledged!

In conclusion, this Holiday season, remember to “Thank everybody who thanks you!

The world will be a much happier place! ;)


So, the next time you buy something at Milly & Grace , just write, “Thank you” in the notes section of your order and I will send you a “Thank you for thanking me” card with your item!  How is that for customer service! ;)

See you on Tuesdays!