A Day Trip to Lucerne


Right now, I am currently on our school field trip to the south of France! So, last weekend we decided to take it easy and stay in Switzerland since we knew we would be traveling non-stop this whole school week. But, we couldn’t help but travel at least a bit. It’s a goal of mine to see as many cities in Switzerland as I can because I really want to know all about this country. I don’t want to get to the end of my time in Europe and realize that I know nothing about the country that I lived in for a year because I traveled so much outside of the country. I want to find a happy medium of exploring Switzerland and traveling to other countries. So, we decided to take a day trip up to a German-speaking city of Switzerland, Lucerne. It is such a pretty city with the mountains and Lake Lucerne surrounding it. We wandered in and out of the shops on the cobblestoned streets, found way too many chocolate shops that were too hard to resist, and had a yummy dinner before heading back home to Lausanne. It was a great day!











  1. What a great day trip! Your photos are so pretty! Miss you! xo

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