Milly & Grace Girls in New York City

A few weeks ago, the three of us were asked to be on the Sirius XM radio show in New York City called Wake Up With Taylor! We were so giddy that Taylor invited us of all people onto her show (she does interview celebrities after all!!). So, we knew there was no way we were going to pass up this opportunity! We booked our flights as soon as we could and decided to extend our stay just a little bit so that we could make a trip out of it.

We spent two days in the Big Apple and had so much fun exploring. We have each been to NYC plenty of times, but none of us ever get sick of that “concrete jungle where dreams are made of!”  There are so many places to discover and restaurants to try…and we were also excited for a little bit of real world mainland adventures.  Like going to a pharmacy that has everything you need and all kinds of brands (unlike an island pharmacy) and getting a mani/pedi for the first time in months.  Oh and couch shopping for Emily!

Here are some pictures from our first day if you’d like to see…





^^We LOVED our hotel’s look…black and white everywhere including the doorman’s converse!



^^This graffiti wall matched perfectly with Emily’s outfit and Dannijo necklace (available at Milly & Grace)!



^^Pretzel Time!!  If you follow Caroline on twitter, you know, that while Allie and Emily were most excited about going to a pharmacy and getting mani/pedis, Caroline was most excited to get a pretzel! #MainlandAdeventures




^^The flatiron area is one of our absolute favorite places to wander and explore!




^^ It’s hard to order a couch when you live on Nantucket because you can’t just drop into the store to test it out!  So we headed over to Restoration Hardware to sit on every couch they had!  And we were successful…Emily has finally decided on a couch she wants! Yay! She’s really a grown up now. (Note: the one in the picture is not the one she chose, but it’s similar)


^^We ate so much yummy food on our trip. The first restaurant we went to was called Jack’s Wife Freda where we had the most delicious chicken. It was all really delicious actually…but the chicken was especially tasty!  We heard brunch is even better there!  We definitely want to go back on our next trip!  Cute spot.

Stay tuned for more pictures and a video that Caroline is currently putting together!

Beach Vacation on Fripp Island


Since Sunday, I have been in South Carolina on Fripp Island with Colin and his family. There is something so amazing about only having “go to the beach/pool” on the agenda. And that’s all we have done! Lots of relaxing. Oh, and we went deep sea fishing and I caught a shark! A vicious one that I wasn’t allowed to hold on my own. I had never been before, but it was so much fun and I would absolutely do it again!














I have been having the best time with Colin and his family! I can’t believe how fast it’s going by. But we still have a couple days left and I’ll be enjoying every second with them until it’s time to go back to Nantucket.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Ott European Invasion – Barcelona



After our weekend in Zermatt, I had to go back to school for a few days before we jetted off to Barcelona for a crazy cheap price! (I will forever miss those cheap flights.) Barcelona is one of the coolest cities I have been to. The atmosphere and the culture there are hard to beat. It was so full of life. We enjoyed some of the best meals of our lives there! And sangria too! We saw some of the coolest sights the world has to offer. And we scored the best airbnb!


Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, living room all for the same price per night of one tiny hotel room. You can’t beat that. We cooked breakfast there every morning before exploring the eccentric city. And at the end of the day, it was great to come back to a place that felt more like a home than a hotel. The landlord was the sweetest and so helpful too. We highly recommend that you stay here if you ever find yourself going to Barcelona with a bigger group!


Sagrada Familia is by far the coolest church I have ever seen. Gaudi was a genius and had such incredible talent. The church was lit completely by natural light. The colors were so vibrant. And the architecture was so unique. We were told to get the audio-guided tour and make sure to go up in the towers. We definitely recommend that!








Park Guell was also created by Gaudi. It isn’t your typical open fields of grass with a million trees kind of park. There are lots of trees but also lots of architecture like slanted walls and stairs. We were told that Gaudi didn’t really like straight lines and you can tell because everything was curvy and had movement to it. Make your way up to the top where you can enjoy a fabulous view of the city and a beautiful sunset if you time it right!









It wasn’t quite warm enough when we went to break out our bathing suits and lay on the beach all day. However, we knew we wanted to spend some time near the beach anyway. It is the Mediterranean Sea, after all! We strolled along through some markets and sat and enjoyed the view.




At night time we headed to Montjuic for the magic fountain, lights, and music show! It was pretty cool because the backdrop to the fountain show was this magnificent building/castle.



Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any pictures in the Picasso Museum. But it was a really cool museum because you saw his work starting from when he was twelve years old, when his paintings looked pretty normal, to when he was about ninety years old, when cubism was in full effect! It was so interesting to watch his work evolve into the style we think of today when we hear his name.

We hoped we could make it to a futbol (soccer) game, but unfortunately the team wasn’t playing while we were there. Oh well, I guess that means we have to make it back there again some day!


La Boqueria is one of the reasons why I would be happy to live my life in Barcelona. Of course, it involves food. It’s the coolest food market I have ever been to with just about everything you could possibly want and need like fruit, vegetables, juices, meat, cheese, fish, chocolate, desserts, spices, paella, prepared foods, homemade pastas, bread. And they even have some things you probably never would want like weird lamb heads and stomachs of certain animals. You name it, they’ve got it! We wandered through, tried a little of everything, and even got lost from each other a couple times. This is a cannot miss place!barcelona24




Rosa Negra is a fun, casual atmosphere with lots of bright colors on the walls and decorations. And the best mojitos we’ve ever had! (Did you try out the recipe Emily used to recreate the mojitos?) We ate tacos, nachos, quesadillas, burritos, and guacamole! This place is so much fun and really cheap too!

barcelona28 barcelona29

Quimet y Quimet is a little secret we will let you in on because we love you so much. It is the best tapas in all of Barcelona. But, hardly anyone will tell you that because it’s a teeny tiny place and they don’t want you to take their spot at their favorite restaurant. Luckily, Hannah’s aunt who used to live in Barcelona was so kind enough to let us in on this secret. You stand around little tables, order a pitcher of sangria (or two), and keep the tapas coming! It is so fresh and so yummy. I could eat that kind of food every single day and not get sick of it! Hannah and her mom were in Barcelona the same time we were so we decided to meet up here for some dinner!





La Flouta was a yummy restaurant just down the street from our apartment that our host told us about. It was the first restaurant we went to on our first night in Barcelona. So, it was the first time we got a taste of how amazing the food is in Barcelona and it set the tone for the rest of the trip. We ordered a little of everything so we could try it all! We even had a game of Ellen’s Heads Up going at the table that you may have seen on Emily’s instagram. We had such a blast.




7 Portes is a restaurant down by the water with delicious paella. We knew we couldn’t leave Barcelona without trying paella and this place didn’t disappoint. We got a couple different kinds and ate until we were stuffed. Then, we waddled all the way home!



Okay so, Ristorante Eden, isn’t a Spanish style restaurant. It’s Italian. So you’re probably wondering why we decided to stop here of all places…well we were walking back towards the center of town after visiting the Sagrada Familia and looking for some lunch because we were starving. We came across this little restaurant with the cutest owner in the entire world. She is seriously an angel and the brightest light. So, when she asked us if “we have hungry” we couldn’t say no. And we couldn’t resist asking to have our picture taken with her. Besides, who can say no to pizza no matter what country you’re in?! So, go stop by Vanessa’s restaurant if you are ever in Barcelona!



And here is a video of our time in Barcelona!

We loved this city so much and we hope that each and every one of you make it over there at some point in your lifetime!