A High School Graduate

A few weeks ago, I graduated from high school! I guess that means that I’m a big kid now. 

Mom&I - Graduation

Em,Allie&I - Graduation

Colin&I - Graduation

To me, graduating high school was bittersweet. The bitter part being the goodbyes I have said to my dearest friends, knowing I am not going to be able to meet my mom every day at Starbucks after school, and bits of southern comfort. The sweet part being able to celebrate all of my hard work, my acceptance into the perfect college for me and knowing that I get to create a whole new world making new friends and experiencing things I never have before!

All the way from Georgia, I am heading out to Malibu, California to attend Pepperdine University. I could not be more excited! I must admit that it is slightly intimidating because it doesn’t seem like I am just beginning a new chapter, but instead, I’m beginning a whole new book! However, despite the new book I have to write, I have remained very calm and mostly excited to fill up the pages.

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