A Third Pea In Our Pod

The other day, Hannah and I were in the Cafeteria getting lunch and we went to go find a table outside. When we got out there, we found one of our suitemates, Natalie, sitting all by herself. And that wasn’t okay with us. So, we decided to go sit down with her.

Within seconds after sitting down with Natalie, a bird pooped on her! The three of us had such a hard time holding back laughter, and it was then that Hannah reminded her that a bird pooping on you is good luck! And from that moment on, the three of us have been inseparable. I feel like I have known each of them for my entire life! They are some of the cutest, funniest girls I have met. There is never a dull moment when the three of us are together and I love it that way! I give all the credit to the bird who dropped some luck onto her that day because now Hannah and I cannot imagine our little pod without three peas.

Third Pea


  1. And now… It All Ties Together!

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