Almond Apple Crisp

When I look at as many blogs as I do (I look at so many different kinds but this time I’m talking about food blogs in particular) and of course Pinterest too, I always wish I could cook or bake up the many mouthwatering dishes I see on my computer screen. And since I don’t have a kitchen in my dorm, I knew spring break was my chance! So while I was home, my parents and I were in the mood for some warm apple crisp…especially since we were seeing snow flurries outside!! And decided to make a spontaneous trip to the grocery store one night. The Almond Apple Crisp really hit the spot. I think it is one of my favorite desserts!

Apple Crisp 1

Apple Crisp 2

Apple Crisp 3

Apple Crisp 14

Apple Crisp 4

Apple Crisp 5

Apple Crisp 6

Apple Crisp 7

Apple Crisp 8

Apple Crisp 9

Apple Crisp 11

Apple Crisp 12

Apple Crisp 13

(We got the recipe from this cute blog!)


  1. That looks delish!!

  2. Natalie Marie :

    Yummy! I cant wait until we can cook (:

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