As one of Patty’s favorite childhood crushes, Donny Osmond, once said, “And they called it…. Puppy Looooovvvveeee.”

We are in love with a puppy.  She has us all smitten.  (You have permission to make fun of us all if you want!)

I finally got to meet Ivy for the first time just a few days ago!!  I had been dying to snuggle that cute face.  I already love her so much…


The Ott Girls didn’t grow up with pets, which is why we are so obsessed with puppy girl, Ivy. Emily and Steve had to go to the mainland for the annual Hollister Christmas party, so the Otts got to puppysit!  Emily dropped Ivy off in the morning.  It was hard to say goodbye!  Ivy loves her Mama…


And then the fun began!  We took her on big walks, played fetch, snuggled, and taught her new tricks!  We were trying to teach her to “roll over” but she does not seem to get it.  But we did test out her “stay skills”….

Ivy tricks from The Milly & Grace Girls on Vimeo.

Can you believe that 6 month old puppy?!?  She did it on the first try!

She is such a good puppy.  Emily and Steve trained her so well.  She really listens and is wicked smaaarrrrrt.   She is the “teacher’s pet” at dog training class!  Ivy is definitely not Poison Ivy… she is as sweet as can be!

Ivy did fall victim to one of my classic moves… A Pain In The Butt Cone Hat!! I did it to Caroline when she was just a few years old too!


Ivy was just a little bit of a pain in the butt.  She is just a puppy.  She was soooooo exhausted and stumbled into her crate for bed… she was fast asleep next to Caroline when all of a sudden she pops up and starts pawing on her crate to get out!  Caroline thought maybe she had to go to the bathroom but NO!! Patty was downstairs cooking up her meat for the morning! Ivy smelled it and got all excited!  Lesson learned.

Can’t wait to puppysit again! She is such a happy puppy to have around!


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