Same Page Monday


I have one thing for you today.  It’s all I can handle today.

I had a very traumatizing moment this morning at the gym.

I got an ear plug stuck in my ear!!!!!!   I thought I was going to have a panic attack!!!!!  Ok, I did have a panic attack!!!

LUCKILY, after a few minutes of panic (like this can’t be happening, I have 10 million things I need to do today and going to the ear doctor to have them fish out a piece of foam from my ear is not on the list, where will I even go to have something like this done… surely not my dentist or women’s doctor) and then after trying to get it out myself, our amazing receptionist tweezed it out of my ear with tweezers.

I would like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Marissa for saving my life today.

At the Tracy Anderson Studio we do dance cardio… we dance our butts off (literally and figuratively)!  They blast the music so loud and my spot is right in front of the speaker… and I really don’t want to be deaf by the time I’m 35, so I thought it would be a good idea to wear ear plugs.  But that is so uncool.  I didn’t want to have big ear plugs sticking out of my ears…so I had this “brilliant” idea to cut them in half!  It had been working for the last month and then ALL OF A SUDDEN, today, one decided that it wanted to slide alll the into my ear hole.

Needless to say, I think I’ll just be going deaf by the time I’m 35.  Major fear of ear plugs now.

Happy Monday! XO

Never Forget

I will never forget.  It was September 12th for me… we were living in Australia at the time.  The events of September 11th, 2001 went down all while we were fast asleep.  I woke up that morning, went downstairs, signed onto AOL (naturally), and the image of two burning towers popped right up.  It looked like a scene from a new movie… I couldn’t believe my eyes.  This can’t be real.  My Dad was walking down the stairs and I ran to him and told him what happened.  We were in shock.

My sisters and I still had to go to school that day.  We were the only Americans at our school.  I felt so sad and alone.  I remember wishing that I was back in America with my fellow Americans… going through it together.  United.

I was glued to the TV and the news.  Mourning for my country.  Praying that they would find survivors.  Listening to the stories of strangers helping strangers and of our real life heroes.  In that moment… we were all American.  We were all apart of one race… the human race.  I was proud of our country.  I was proud to be American.  And I am still proud to be American.

I was going through pictures and I can’t even bring myself to put them on here… so sad.  Too sad.

I just want to remind us all to always choose love and not hate…


Love you all! xo


Wedding Wednesday

The Milly and Grace Girls have been so busy this week!  We apologize for not being on top of our game. I had a few extra minutes today, so I decided whip up a Wedding Wednesday! I am in no way as good as my very talented/wedding obsessed little sister… so instead of bringing you an inspiration board, I decided to put together some of my favorite celebrity wedding dresses!

 Lauren Bush and David Lauren


Photo Credit 

Grace Kelly


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Jacqueline Kennedy


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John John and Carolyn Bessette


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Kate Moss


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Kate Middleton


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Gorgeous. Classic. Elegant.

Next time I take over Wedding Wednesday, I am going to do the WORST celebrity wedding dresses!! That will be fun.