Quest for the Best Breakfast: Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel

The iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. I’m almost at a loss for words! Of course I have heard many things about this place, but until this past weekend I had never experienced it for myself. The weekend gave us a small glimpse of the Spring weather that is just around the corner (although today is freezing and I’m hoping that Spring weather comes back soon!) so, Allie and I decided to take advantage and choose a breakfast place where we could sit outside. And we definitely picked the right place. Sitting outside at the Polo Lounge is to die for. Flowers everywhere, adorable white iron chairs. I mean I couldn’t get enough of it!

Polo Lounge 1

Polo Lounge 2

Polo Lounge 3

Polo Lounge 4

Polo Lounge 5

Polo Lounge 7

AND the food was amazing! This place is scoring all kinds of points with me.

Polo Lounge 6

Since Allie finished her search for the best blueberry pancakes, she ordered Challah French Toast with toasted Macadamia nuts, bananas, and vanilla butter. Oh. My. Gosh. Amazing.

Polo Lounge 9

Polo Lounge 8

The Eggs Benedict was so delicious. The hollandaise sauce was perfection. The Canadian bacon was like real Canadian bacon and not the kind I could buy packaged at the grocery store like other restaurants have served. The English muffin was toasted and buttered yumminess. My only minor problem with it was that the yolk wasn’t runny. Now, I don’t think it ruined the dish because it was still wonderful, but I do think I would have preferred it runny.  

Polo Lounge 10

Polo Lounge 11

Polo Lounge 12

This is definitely a contender in this competition! And the only reason I’m hesitant to name it the winner, is because I have heard of a place that serves their Eggs Benedict on a croissant. And I think I would be crazy not to try that before I name my winner. So, I’m going to continue my search and I will name the Best Eggs Benedict on April 16, National Eggs Benedict Day.

Stay tuned!

Polo Lounge 13

^^Our waitress, Ana, was the cutest and sweetest!! Yet another reason why I loved this place!


  1. Linda Wolverton :

    Great post! I’m so jealous! Can’t wait to hear what you think of the croissant eggs Benny. I had it a couple weeks ago at a local restaurant here in Vancouver, and I wasn’t a fan because the croissant lacked the toasty-ness of a muffin. Perhaps they should have toasted the croissant (!) oh the problems we have ;)

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