Quest for the Best Breakfast: Saddle Peak Lodge

In last week’s “Quest for the Best Breakfast” post, I mentioned that I had heard of a place that serves their Eggs Benedict dish on a croissant! It all sounded like a dream. So, of course, Allie and I had to make that dream come true!

Yesterday, we headed over to that place tucked away in Malibu Canyon called Saddle Peak Lodge.

Saddle Peak Lodge 7

Saddle Peak Lodge 9

Saddle Peak Lodge 10

Saddle Peak Lodge 1

Saddle Peak Lodge 2

Saddle Peak Lodge 3

And it is true. They serve their Eggs Benedict dish on a croissant. With bacon. Not just Canadian bacon…real bacon. I could not wait to try it out, and it definitely did not disappoint me! I mean, how could it have?

Saddle Peak Lodge 4

Saddle Peak Lodge 6

And Allie ordered the Banana French Toast (are we seeing a pattern??)!

Saddle Peak Lodge 5

I liked the Polo Lounge’s Banana French Toast better.

But, both dishes were delicious! Especially the Eggs Benedict. I have a good feeling about this one! But, I still have a couple more weeks until I decide who the Eggs Benedict winner is. Each week seems to get better and better…let’s see if Saddle Peak Lodge’s dish will make it until the end!

Stay tuned!

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