Bircher Muesli


I’m not exactly sure how Bircher Muesli was introduced to our family, but it is one of our favorite breakfasts. We used to have it in our fridge all the time, but for another reason I’m not so sure of, it had been a while since we had made it. Luckily, my adventure to Switzerland reminded us of the dish because it is in fact a Swiss dish! So, right before I left on my journey abroad, we made muesli and I was reminded just how delicious and refreshing it is.

When I got to Lausanne, I saw that we have it in our kitchen every morning for breakfast. Or so I thought – they don’t make it on Saturdays and Sundays! Today is Monday though, and that means as soon as I hit “publish” on this post, I’m making a beeline straight downstairs to get some muesli!

Here is the recipe if you would like to bring a taste of Switzerland into your own home:

2 cups of rolled oats (not the quick-cooking oats)

1 cup of apple juice

(It is always a 2:1 ratio)

Put the oats and apple juice into a container and put in the fridge to soak over night.

And in the morning you put it into a bowl and doctor it up with your favorite toppings! Yes, it’s that easy!

My favorite way of doctoring it up is adding berries, nuts, and a couple drops of honey! Other toppings you may like are cinnamon, peaches, and toasted coconut. It is also common to add it to your yogurt. Really there isn’t a wrong way to doctor it up!

If you try it out, let me know what you think!


  1. Cezzie, we first had it at the hotel we were staying at when we went to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! It really is the best! So refreshing. Miss you, my little Swiss Miss! XO

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