Blueberry Pancakes and Eggs Benedict II




Amazing atmosphere! Feels like you are eating outside on a lovely sunlit patio but you are actually inside!  Glass ceiling and trees planted in the floor! 10 out of 10.

My Partner in Crime:

Tavern 4

Cezzie… What a cutie!


The Tavern “Benedict” with prosciutto, gruyere, frise and hollandaise on brioche.

Tavern 2

THE VERDICT:  Interesting.  Appearance – gorgeous.  Loved the prosciutto, frise (with lemon juice) and brioche!  Not a huge fan of decision to put cheese on the toast (-1).  I would have preferred A LOT more hollandaise instead of the cheese (-1).  It was light and lovely… never thought Eggs Benedict could ever be light!  (I like mine hearty and filling! -2)  So, I give the Tavern Benedict a 6 out of 10.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Compote

Tavern 3

THE VERDICT: Loved the taste!  Sweet and little tart with the lemon and blueberry combo.  Appearance – not the prettiest (-1).  Ricotta is definitely the secret to moist, yummy pancakes!  Caroline thought they were a little soggy though, and I would have to agree (-1).  Another point deduction comes from the fact that they do not serve the pancakes with maple syrup (-1).  Um, who serves pancakes without maple syrup?? I had to ask for some! I give the Tavern Pancakes a 7 out of 10.

It was a lovely brunch spot.  I would have loved to have just lounged there all morning with the paper and a cup of tea, but we were there on serious business.

Check out what Caroline thought on her blogThe Quest For The Best Breakfast

I caught myself a couple times being overly critical and unimpressed…

This quest has turned me into the “Russian judge” of breakfast food.


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