Blueberry Pancakes and Eggs Benedict

GOOD MORNING, LOS ANGELES!!  Caroline and I are looking for the BEST Blueberry Pancakes and Eggs Benedict in all of Los Angeles.  We will travel far and wide in search of the BEST versions of our FAVORITE breakfast meals!

This SUNDAY FUNDAY, we started our quest at the famous Griddle Cafe in Hollywood!  They are known for Red Velvet pancakes, pancakes that are bigger than your face, and their long lines!

The Griddle 1

The Griddle 2

^It’s a happening place!  The waiters were moving so fast they kept turning out blurry in the pictures!

The Griddle 3

^The smorgasbord next to us! RED VELVET PANCAKES!

The Griddle 4

^ Caroline and her eggs benedict! The Griddle opts for a non traditional base of potato skins!

The Griddle 4

^Me and my blueberry pancakes!  See… they are bigger than my face!

And now for their close ups…

The Griddle 6

^ Hello, Mr. Eggs Benedict!

The Griddle 7

^Miss. Blueberry Pancakes! Dusted with powdered sugar and dolloped with blueberry sour cream!

THE VERDICT: The Blueberry Pancakes were rather DELICIOUS!  The blueberry sour cream on top was genius and a first for me!  I give them an 8 out of 10.  Reasoning for 2 point deduction… While they were quite enjoyable, I gave them an 8 because I didn’t feel the need to finish the whole plate!  I think that really is the deciding factor of the BEST!  You know that feeling when you are so full but you just have to keep eating because they are just so amazing that you can’t dare imagine walking away from the table with some still left on the plate!  You will be dreaming about them later and wondering WHY you didn’t just eat the last few bites!

Caroline’s eggs benedict were quite amazing, as well!  I have to say I was really SKEPTICAL of the potato skins.  I thought for sure they wouldn’t be a contender for me… but not so fast, Allison!  The Griddle really has something going there with the potato skins.  I think they just need to tweak the hollandaise sauce recipe to have a little bit more pizazz, and then they would be really amazing!  I give them a 7 out of 10.

Now, travel over to Caroline’s blog… It All Ties Together... for her take on the Quest for The Best Breakfast!


  1. Sounds like a deliciously fun adventure!

  2. That looks so delicious!!! I just wish I could eat like you girls, and have your figures!!! Love the head shots too.

  3. Congrats on your blog launch!! However, this whole blogging thing you and Caroline are doing only makes me miss you guys more. Love you xoxo

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