Bow Ties

I have something to say, “I Love Bow Ties!”  and I love matching them to an event!

Women luck out with accessories.  They have handbags, earrings, necklaces, and shoes that they can use to subtly and creatively coordinate their outfit to match with a specific event!

Well, I get bowties!  and that’s why I love them!  Let me show you!

Nantucket Picnic on the Beach – Nantucket Red and Navy Stripes (Murrays Toggery Shop)


Wedding Day – Classic Black Silk (J.Crew)


Nantucket Daffodil Festival – Yellow & Green Daffodil Print (Nantucket Sewing Center)


Nantucket Wine Festival – Purple Stripes and Polk-a-dots (Murrays Toggery Shop)


Nantucket 4th of July – Red and White Seersucker (


Costume Party – (Sherlock Holmes) Herringbone Diamond Tip (H&M)


Milly & Grace Event – Pink & Grey (Aldo)


See, I told you I loved Bow Ties!

I was actually inspired to write this blog post because of a little TV show called Project Runway! “Thank you Mood!”

The episode challenged the contestants to design looks with bow ties in mind!  These were my favorite designs!


The guest judge for the episode was Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family.  He and his fiance started an organization called “Tie the Knot,” which designs and sells bow ties.  All proceeds from the sales then go to organizations that fight for marriage equality, a cause very dear to my heart! ;)  It’s also National Bow Tie Day tomorrow!  No lies!

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 7.41.55 PM


We are now entering the fall fashion season…  This is one of my favorite seasons because it is the beginning of all the holidays.  Every month is something.  Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and there are a lot of parties and events in between for each of those holidays.  That’s a lot of bow ties to get!  So, what should you girls and boys wear for the next four months of holidays?  Well, let “Tuesdays With Tim” help!

It is Ruana week for because our online boutique is featuring brand new colors and styles. Ruanas are the perfect choice for your holiday outfits because they are so versatile and come in an array of colors!

Well, I think it is always so attractive when couples subtly coordinate their outfits, so I paired a bow tie for the guys with each ruana for you ladies!



So, Shop Ruanas for the girls and Shop Bow Ties for the boys and you will be the cutest couple at every holiday party for the rest of 2013!  However, you don’t need a man with a bow tie to rock a RUANA! ;)

See you on Tuesdays!


  1. Tim!! Could you get any cuter??!!

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