A Beach Picnic

Our parents have been out of town for a couple days to celebrate a wedding of their friend’s son. So that means that us kiddos get to spend lots of time together! And to make things even more exciting…Emily’s friends from high school, Lauren and her husband Nathan, came to visit all the way from Australia!! We have loved having them around.

Anyway, the other night, we decided to have a beach picnic! We packed up our cars with lots of food, beach chairs, towels, and some of the best company and headed out to the beach.











We had lots of fun spending time with our family and friends, catching up with Lauren and Nathan and reminiscing about our times in Australia (we even broke out in to the Australian National Anthem…which, according to our Aussie friends, sounds quite different when sung in an American accent!), and enjoying a beautiful Nantucket sunset!

Martha’s Vineyard

Steve and I had the best time in Martha’s Vineyard this past weekend.  Now before you all get nervous, let me clear the air.  Nantucket is my favorite place in the world.  The love I have for my little island is everlasting – it is the one place where I feel happiest, inspired and comforted all at the same time.

I was excited and open minded about our adventure to Martha’s Vineyard but thought that there was no way I could be captivated by another island.  I was wrong.

The Vineyard had an effect on me and I quickly developed an affection for it.  I have long forgotten what Nantucket feels like as a vacation spot because I now call it my home.  Nantucket is comfortable to me.  Don’t get me wrong, the beauty of this island catches me by surprise everyday but I now know the ins and outs and secret spots.  Visiting Martha’s Vineyard reminded me of my early days on Nantucket and that wondrous feeling you would get as the ferry made that turn around Brant Point!

 So, I’ve concluded that Nantucket will always be called my home but the Vineyard will be my new vacation spot!!

Alan Claude

First stop OTV (on the Vineyard):  The most delicious breakfast at Art Cliff Diner in Vineyard Haven.  It’s a totally cute retro inspired diner with great food and service.  Order the Lobster & Asparagus Eggs Benedict.


Art Cliff

Next we headed southwest through West Tisbury; the middle of the island.  We were amazed by the beauty of the rolling hills and farmland – sometimes we felt like we were in Vermont.


After that we made our way to the the island’s most westerly point; Aquinnah.


Below is Gay Head Lighthouse a top of the colorful clay cliffs.  The view up here was spectacular – a must see!


We stumbled across Moshup Beach – it’s pretty cute!

Moshup Beach


We finished the day with a farm to table inspired dinner at State Road Restaurant.  It was recommended to us by a friend who also happens to be the most talented floral designer; Becca Olcott.  Do yourself a favor and order the house made ricotta!

State Road

More Martha’s Vineyard posts to come…Stay tuned!

Checking #10 off my list – Martha’s Vineyard

I’ve only spent one day on the Vineyard and I’m enchanted.


Yesterday morning Steve & I jumped on a plane and off we went to Martha’s Vineyard for a long weekend to celebrate the wedding of our great friends, Amy & Chris.  Bonus: I’m also checking #10 off my list of 30 Things To Do Before I’m 30!  The plane ride only took 17 minutes but we feel like we are worlds away from Nantucket.  The both of us have been here before but can hardly say we know anything about it (Steve has only spent time in Vineyard Haven & Oak Bluffs and I only came over for a whirlwind business lunch/afternoon with my Dad).

So we decided to spend our first day exploring this “other island” to see what it is all about.  It seems that the Vineyard is at least twice the size of Nantucket so we’ve got our work cut out.

Here is a size comparison of Nantucket vs. Martha’s Vineyard so that you can wrap your mind around it:


3.5  by 14 miles long

30 miles from the mainland

2 towns: Nantucket and Siasconset

Population in the summer: 55,000

Year round population: 10,000

Martha’s Vineyard

9 by 23 miles long

7 miles from the mainland

6 towns: Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs, West Tisbury, Chilmark, Edgartown & Aquinnah

Population in the summer: 100,000

Year round population: 17,000

We rented a jeep, dropped  the top, turned up the radio and off we went!  Stay tuned for the pictures and updates of our adventures!


More aerial shots:

over the vineyard

Over the vineyard 2