Baby, let’s cruise… to this new playlist!

Caroline, get ready! I have a new playlist for us.  We were in major need of a new playlist (we have been driving all over LA these past two weeks which obviously means we have overplayed our last playlist) so I decided to whip another one for this weekend!  New hits and some throwbacks! I haven’t listened to it in it’s entirety yet… so I might have to come back and edit.  Hope you all have an amazing Labor Day weekend! XO

*Within two minutes of posting this… Patty frantically texted me… “What about Shake It Off?!?!?!?”  I would like you all to know that it is not available on Spotify, as of right now.  I will add it as soon as it’s added! :)

*I almost made a whole playlist about booties.  There are SO many new songs about big booties… everyone is singing about them!  JLo, Nicki, our Nantucket native, Meghan…and I’m just representing!

Summer Playlist

When Milly & Grace opened 4 years ago, I was in charge of making playlists for the store!  I took the job very seriously and spent hours trying to come up with the best songs from a wide range of genres.  I just quickly whipped up this new playlist for the store and I thought I would share it! (We were in dire need of some new songs to add to this years playlist… I have been in the store a lot this week and am I definitely ready for some new songs that we can bounce to while straightening the racks haha).  Press play!

Spring Playlist


I have a TO DO list longer than ever… I guess that’s what happens when you go on vacation. But I am not complaining one bit! And I am sure I’m not the only one. Just taking one thing at a time and not overwhelming yourself is the best thing you can do! And then crossing them off my list makes me feel good! Sometimes you just need a little inspiration… and I feel like music always does the trick. I decided to put together a little pick me up playlist!  Here it is…

And sometimes I take a little dance break… it helps ;) How can you not want to dance to Happy by Pharrell or Whitney Houston!?

Have fun checking things off your list! XO

Photo Credit: Quote