Middle Child Syndrome

I was up late last night, doing what every girl does when she can’t sleep… PINTERESTING.  Us girls are always up to no good on Pinterest.  You know what I am talking about.  Spending hours shopping for the perfect pins to pin.  Pinning about our dream weddings, houses, wardrobes, diets, husbands etc.  Can’t blame us girls for dreaming!  Or turning those dreams into realities, which I do believe Pinterest deserves a lot of credit in helping us achieve them.  Anyways, while perusing the world of Pinterest, I came across this pin…

Middle Child

I identified immediately with that little guy on the left.  I almost started to tear up!  Ok, I did tear up. (It is true.  Middle children are highly emotional. And sensitive.)

I think I even have a picture exactly like this one…  Hold on.  Oh yep!  Here it is…


I hate to share this picture.  It’s embarrassing.  We are practically grown ups!

Majority of the time we get along perfectly!  We are three best friends that… anyone can have!

But we… I…do have my moments.

Proof they love me…

Sister love

Being an actress, I am constantly studying human behavior.  Whether it is through observation, research or my own experiences.  I love trying to figure out why people act the way they do.  Behavior is often times a result of the way we were brought up or experiences we had growing up.  Sometimes it’s the environment we are in or sometimes we are just born with it.

For example:  It is a known fact that Caroline always (and I mean always) matches her underwear to her outfits.  Why is that?  Out of habit?  Ritual?  Superstition?  I don’t think you can be born with that trait.  I believe Patty is to blame for that.  Her nickname is “matchy matchy party lady”.  Patty must have really focused on that with Caroline, cause I don’t do that.  Come to think about it, I think Emily does it too!  Patty must have forgotten about teaching her middle child the importance of matching.  I think I need to get to the root of this.  Patty, expect a call later.  Anyways.

I did a little research on personality traits of middle children, and there are some positive traits that we middle children possess.

1.  Middle children are more go with the flow.

2. Middle children often play the peacemaker.

3.  Middle children are very creative.

I am definitely a middle child.  Thank you, family, for putting up with my middle child ways!