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Today, it’s been a year since my sweet Nanny went home to Heaven. There hasn’t been a single day that has gone by without thinking of her. I miss her so much and that part doesn’t really get easier. However, while I miss her more than words can express, I find comfort knowing that she is in a better place.  And because of that I choose to celebrate today instead of being sad.

My mom is up in Washington right now with our family and last night they sent balloons with written notes up to my Nanny and ate her favorite dessert – Lemon Cake – to kick off the celebrations. Here is a little video:

I wish I could have been there to celebrate. The bookstore on campus didn’t have any balloons, and I don’t have a car to get off campus. But, as soon as I find my way to a balloon, I, too, will send a love note up to my Nanny.

My mom and sister, Emily, come into town this weekend and we are looking forward to being together to celebrate our Nanny, Easter, and my other sister, Allie’s, birthday. My weekend is going to be full of celebration and I’m really looking forward to it!

I wish each and every one of you a happy weekend!


  1. auntie joanie :

    Have a GREAT weekend of celebration. LOVE your post.

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