Chelsea Market

Saturday was a long travel day…starting with a flight at 6:30 in the morning. But, the best part about having an early flight is that I didn’t lose the entire day to traveling. Only half. So, when my mom, Emily and I met up at the hotel on a rainy New York day, we hugged each other about four times each and then we hailed a taxi over to the Chelsea Market!




We started with Anthropologie, of course! (There aren’t too many stores better than Anthro!)


Then, we had to stop and get a little treat at Eleni’s! The cookies were perfectly crisp.



And then we stumbled across a brownie store that we had heard so much about – Fat Witch! So even though we just ate a cookie…how could we pass it up?? And these brownies were to die for. (If you aren’t going to try both the cookie and the brownie like we did…I would suggest the brownie!)


Fat Witch

And then after a little more shopping around, we finished the night out with a dinner at The Green Table. 

Green Table






With stuffed tummies, we waddled back several blocks to our hotel to get a good night sleep…because we had a big day ahead of ourselves at the show!


  1. What a beautiful day! I hope you enjoyed the show – they are so darn exhausting!! I miss getting to see Emily and your momma there!

    • Lacey, yes, fun but exhausting! We miss seeing you too! When we walked by your booth I told Caroline that was where we met you! I hope you’re doing well and enjoying LA. All you girls should get together sometime!! :)

  2. Such a delicious trip! WE NEED LACEY IN THE CITY!!!

  3. auntie joanie :

    How about NONI in the city TOO? That food and company looked amazing!

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