Chop and Drop

I am obsessed with Nicole Ritchie’s Web Series, #CandidlyNicole.  One of my favorite episodes is her Flower Game episode.  She visits a florist and gets the low down on flowers and their personalities.

I love how she doesn’t take herself seriously.  She is hilarious just being her.  I would see Nicole at Tracy Anderson all the time.  I definitely developed a little girl crush on her… even more so now after watching all her episodes.  Which I encourage you all to do!  (Mom, some are a little inappropriate.)

I was inspired by this episode to go pick up some flowers to brighten up my apartment!

Took some pictures at the market…

Flower Game

I wanted to pick up a nice little easy chop and drop, but ended up with the dreaded sunflower!  The sunflowers actually match quite nicely with the paintings in my kitchen.


I have been trying to think of what kind of flower I would be but I am stuck!

What kind of flower would you be?  OR What is your favorite flower?


  1. Cute post, Allie! Nicole is hilarious! I’m trying to think of what kind of flower I would be but I’m stuck, too! I don’t even know if I have a favorite flower…I like so many!

  2. auntie joanie :

    Well… I’m not stuck!! My favorite flower is the variegated tulip.With that being said, I just love flowers. Looking at them, growing them,smelling them & arranging them…!

  3. Caroline Ott :

    Well, my favorite flower is a peony! But, just yesterday, Mom and I were outside of Milly & Grace looking at the flower boxes and one in particular looked a little droopy (the one getting the most sun) and Mom said, “they don’t like the sun.” And I said, “hey, they’re just like me, what are they called?” “Impatiens.” Then, we laughed because it sounds like impatience and I can be rather impatient. So….maybe that is my flower.

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