Dear 2013, I already love you!

Happy New Year!  It’s going to be a great year!  I am focused on my career and making my dreams come true.  Right when I got back from my Nantucket holiday with the family, I had an audition for an Indie short film.

Audition 2

^ Audition sides. Headshots.

Audition 3

^ Audition “selfie”.  Sorry. Had to.

Audition 4

^ View from Siren Studio balcony.  Waiting for audition.  Hollywood sign.

So did I get the part?  No, I didn’t.  BUT the producer called saying that he and the writer/director would LOVE to write and produce another short with me as the lead!  HOW EXCITING IS THAT?!? I am looking forward to collaborating with them.  This will be a great opportunity to be apart of the whole production process.  Brainstorming, script writing, casting, producing, scheduling, production, editing, marketing of the final product… maybe some film festivals!  One of my dreams is to eventually have my own production company.  I love being apart of a project from beginning to end.  Building something from nothing.  All very exciting!  I am so grateful to have this opportunity.


  1. Great post, Allie! I love it! And I am so proud of you! Here’s to an amazing 2013! xo

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