Decorating a Nantucket House

Do you want to know why I was most excited to move to Nantucket? The beaches? The restaurants? The people?      NOPE!

Sorry about it, but I was most excited to decorate a Nantucket house!!!  (Actually, I am not this shallow, but it would make my Top 5.)

Come take the tour and get some tips for Do-it-Yourself decorating and also some great home decor items at our online boutique:

Welcome to our Nantucket Beach House!


The Kitchen


I love white kitchens! They are so bright and clean and it allows you to choose whatever accent color you want.  Our kitchen aid mixer is Ice Blue so I got some blue mason jars and filled them with turquoise straws from Etsy.  I have never liked clutter, so I tried to keep it simple.  Sometimes, my husband will clutter up the kitchen because he is the chef in the family and I will say “Umm Did you forget everything you learned at orientation?”

D-I-Y: Use Pelligrino Bottles in your kitchen as decoration.  It adds a distinctive pop of color without breaking the bank!

SHOP:  I also love this grid flower jar from Milly & Grace. It’s the perfect place to put a fresh bouquet of hydrangeas from your garden.


The Living Room


This was probably my favorite room to decorate. My inspiration was the picture from our wedding above the fireplace. I love all of the ocean colors and had fun tying in different textures to match with the picture by Zofia and Co.

D-I-Y: If you want the feel and look of a fire during the summer months, get some candles of different heights and arrange them in your fireplace.

SHOP: Items at tied this whole room together.  I love the marine hobnail candle, the filigree votives match perfectly, and the sweet tea candle  and the willow vase give off that beach cottage feel.


The Library


If you read my blog post 13 Books for 2013, you know that I love to read, so you can imagine how much I enjoy our library.

D-I-Y: Take some of your favorite book jackets and get them framed!  It makes the perfect decoration for your library or study.  I recommend the Harry Potter books because of all the bright colors.

SHOP: I love libraries to the Moon & Back, so this square art from Milly & Grace was the perfect addition.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 12.59.12 PM

Guest Bedroom


If you read my blog post Groom-zilla Part I, you know that I love the color coral and I am very specific with the shade of coral that I like.  I love our guest bedroom so much that sometimes I want to move into it.

D-I-Y:  I wanted picture frames in specific colors to hang on the walls, but I could not find coral or turquoise or navy blue picture frames.  So, I bought white ones at Michaels and then painted them myself with acrylic paint that is sold in almost every color imaginable.

SHOP: I love this coral hobnail candle from Milly & Grace. It matches so well, but adds a different texture to the room!  It smells really great too, even when it’s not burning.  I am also thinking about tying in this coral pillow that we just added to the online store!



Yoga Room


Yes, we have a yoga room!  This usually results in an eye roll from people, but let me tell you WHY we have a yoga room.  I wanted so many things for the new house that my husband decided to put a stop to it and say “No more furniture!”  I asked myself, “What can I do with a room that would not require any furniture?”  Enter Yoga Room!  LED candles around the room, a couple of your favorite sunset pictures on the wall, a Namaste sign from Etsy, a peace lily and you have yourself your own Yoga studio!  Now I just have to find the time to use it! ;)

D-I-Y: Design your own Yoga Room for that extra bedroom and for when your spouse is being a party-pooper because of your spending habits!

SHOP:  You can find a place for these white unscented votive candles in any yoga room!


Master Bedroom


Gray and white stripes with pops of yellow is what I decided for our master bedroom and it doesn’t get any more Nantucket than that!

D-I-Y: I love the look of everything gray and white with just one pop of color.  All the pictures, frames, furniture, etc are gray and white to make the yellow really stand out!  After all, nothing says Rise-and-Shine like yellow!

SHOP:   Washing your hands has never been so fun than with this all-natural hand soap!  It’s available in 4 colors/scents to match with your master suite and tie the bathroom and bedroom together.



Every Nantucket table should have the latest copy of N Magazine on it and these Nantucket inspired tin candles are the perfect pairing with it.  I love these tins because they can be reused after the candle is gone as a special keepsake of your favorite island.  Collect all four designs/scents!


Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 12.50.42 PM

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Sometimes I think I fulfill every stereotype out there and do you know what I will say to that,

“See you next Tues-Gay!” :)


  1. Loved this weeks article and tour through your casa Tim! I can’t wait to see it someday in person. You have such great style! My favorite design room is guest bedroom btw….You know how I love coral as well!

  2. Krissy Mitchell :

    You know my heart raced a little faster when I saw you Nantucket, nautical post this week! As mentioned before, I love so many things you have done in your home. Your OCD and attention to details is right up my alley. Can’t wait for next Tues-Gay, love seeing the wonderful things coming from Milly and Grace! Don’t tell Audra, but I love the coral also (just not in her lipstick :) )

  3. What a beautiful place to call home. Your choice of color and attention to detail is incredible. Can you share your wall paint colors?

    • Thanks Karen! The living room is Benjamin Moore ‘Tranquility” and the Yoga Room and Guest Bedroom is “Ocean Air” (also by Benjamin Moore). :)

  4. Too cute for words!

  5. Yoga room… Gotta love it. Such a clever answer to the no furniture issue! ;)

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